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Since 1972, Product Safety Labs (PSL) has provided research and testing services to the agrichemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, dietary supplement/functional foods, personal care, animal health, biotechnology and household product industries. We offer a broad range of services including toxicology, analytical and bioanalytical chemistry and pharmacology.

As a contract laboratory, PSL has developed outstanding reputation for providing excellent service, superior value and outstanding quality.

Whether you require standard or customized services, our dedicated team of professionals is available to assist with the development of a research and testing program to meet your needs.


Acute, subchronic, reproduction & development, chronic & carcinogenicity, genetic, aquatic, ...


Gastrointestinal, central nervous system, inflammation, metabolic diseases, ...

ChemistryAnalytical Chemistry

Pesticides, chemicals, dietary supplements, food analyses, isotope ratio, pharmaceuticals, ...