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Client Feedback

We are proud of the reputation we have developed for providing excellent service, superior value and outstanding quality.  Here are just some of the positive feedback we've received from our clients.

We have been highly satisfied with the levels of experience, service, organization, communication and professionalism consistently exhibited by your entire group during our toxicology studies. We feel that you have served us extremely well as a development partner, and that you deliver a quality product.
As a major supplier to the food and nutritional supplement industries, accurate, reliable and valid data are vital to us. You have provided all three in a very timely and affordable manner. Your informed input has contributed greatly to an excellent outcome.
We would not hesistate to come to you with future projects.
- General Manager

I am writing to thank you and the entire staff at PSL for the excellent work you did on our project.
######'s product has just been accepted for clinical trials by the FDA and we want to acknowledge both the scientific thoroughness and conscientious service of PSL's preclinical work in moving our product for the treatment of stroke forward.
We are pleased to recommend your laboratory and look forward to continued successful collaboration.

I have yet to deal with anyone at PSL who was not an absolute pleasure to work with, you included. Companies like us appreciate service and attitudes like yours very much.
- Director

Thank you Gary!
You have really gone above and beyond the call on this one and we are greatly appreciative!
- Director of Toxicology

Thanks to you and the entire PSL staff for the hospitality and copperation shown to us.
The audit of your system showedcompliance with EPA and FDA GLP requirements. Your laboratory has sufficient documentation, controls and technical epertise to conduct efficacy testing in accordance with GLP requirements to support US EPA and FDA product registrations. Based upon our findings, we recommand using your facility for our testing needs.
- Lead Regulatory Specialist

I'm going on probably 15 years of working with Product Safety Labs on various projects, some small and some very big, and by no means is the following meant to be an oversight of the pleasurable dealings that I have had with the various employees at PSL. Everyone has been both courteous and professional with every Email and phone call that I have made. However, I would feel quite guilty if I didn't single out the assistance Jennifer Durando has been to ###### over the past several weeks. In a nutshell, we have several studies to complete and submit to the EPA quickly. Not an impossible task, but very difficult considering the testing required and the limited amount of lab space available. As difficult as it may seem, I was set to run a pivotal study starting next week, until it was decided that we needed to run additional tests before the formula for that study could be selected. In a panic, I called PSL and Jennifer was chosen as the person to deal with the hysterical client on the other end of the phone. Once I explained our situation, she said not to worry and if she received the samples within the week, we would have our results in time for our next study. She also advised us to run the studies GLP in that if successful, we wouldn't need to rerun in the future. We were able to get the samples down in time, Jennifer got the study up and running last week and as promised she was able to provide us with the results this morning. Granted, this project still has quite a few hurdles left, but without Jennifer (and yes I realize that there were others involved - and to them I also give my deepest gratitude) this project may have been delayed for another 6 to 12 months.
- Manager, Biological Sciences