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Meet our Team

Product Safety Labs (PSL) was established in 1972 and over the years has built a tradition of serving Sponsors with outstanding values and unique services which leads to strong relationships.  This is all driven by our talented group of leaders.  

PSL is led by an experienced team that is dedicated to the pursuit of meeting our Sponsors' needs while continuing to maintain operational excellence.  Each member of the team brings experience and wealth of industry knowledge that continues to set PSL apart from the competition.  Collectively, the team contributes to the three key service areas - Toxicology, Pharmacology and Analytical Chemistry.

PSL Leadership

Gary Wnorowski, MBA
Executive Director

Mr. Gary Wnorowski is Executive Director of Product Safety Labs. He has been employed by PSL since 1988, having served as a toxicology technician, Study Director, Laboratory Director and President until appointment to his present position in 2015. He has extensive hands-on experience in study and facilities management. He is knowledgeable in areas of toxicology and pharmacology as well as marketing, finance, accounting and personnel management. Mr. Wnorowski has attended numerous continuing education courses in the areas of GLP compliance, animal science, general toxicology, inhalation toxicology, neurotoxicology and aerosol research. He has made major contributions to the design and operation of PSL's inhalation facility and is considered a specialist in this field. Mr. Wnorowski is recognized as an authority on the conduct and interpretation of short-term regulatory toxicology studies and is personally engaged in many animal welfare oriented initiatives focused on reducing the number of animals used in toxicology testing.

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Daniel Merkel, MBA

Mr. Daniel Merkel is the President of Product Safety Labs. He has been employed by PSL since 1996, having served as a toxicology technician, Study Director and Laboratory Director until appointment to his present position in 2015.  Since taking the position at Product Safety Labs in 1996, Mr. Merkel has gained extensive experience in pharmacology and toxicology testing for various regulatory agencies.   As Study Director, Mr. Merkel was responsible for the overall technical conduct of numerous studies as well as the interpretation, documentation, and reporting of results.  He currently oversees all daily operations of the laboratory and technical staff.

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David Sinning, BS 
Director of Analytical Services

Mr. Sinning is the Director of Analytical Services for Product Safety Laboratories.  He has over 20 years of experience in analytical chemistry studies.  Mr. Sinning continually strives to improve PSL’s lab capabilities and instrumentation to provide clients with more sophisticated studies that are also GLP compliant.  Mr. Sinning is customer service oriented and works closely with clients to design and prepare scientifically sound study protocols, as well as communicate and discuss findings when appropriate. 

Prior to coming to PSL, Mr. Sinning was the Vice President and Study Director for analytical chemistry studies with Case Laboratories, Inc..  He began his work in analytical chemistry as a Chemist for Hoffman LaRoche.  He assisted in the conduct of non-routine and routine laboratory studies on various pharmaceutical substances and products.  While at Case Laboratories, David also demonstrated proficiency with other responsibilities, such as good documentation practices, review of raw data, review final reports, addressing QA comments and equipment troubleshooting and maintenance.

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Rhonda Krick, BS 
Quality Assurance Director

Ms. Rhonda Krick is the Quality Assurance Director for Product Safety Labs. She has been employed by PSL since 2002. With extensive QA experience in government regulated laboratory studies, Ms. Krick is well-versed in GLP/GMP compliance, and is a skilled auditor and editor. She is technically proficient in project management, analytical chemistry and toxicology, and also skilled in conflict resolution, negotiation, networking, and public speaking. Ms. Krick has attended numerous continuing education courses and seminars in the areas of regulatory compliance, chemistry, biotechnology, communication and computers.

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Neal Netzel, BS
Director Business Development

Neal Netzel is Business Development Director for Product Safety Labs and joined us in May 2016.  Mr. Netzel’s experience in the industry provides guidance and facilitates placing work with Product Safety Labs. 

Prior to joining PSL, Mr. Netzel had more than 10 years of experience in business development in the CRO industry.  He also has more than 20 years of experience in the chemical industry holding a number of management positions in the regulatory arena involving chemical, ag chem and food requirements. 

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Satish Patel, BS
Director Business Development

Satish Patel is Business Development Director for Product Safety Labs and joined in April of 2019.  Satish has over 25 years' experience in the CRO industry comprising of 11 years as a Toxicologist and an additional 15 years in business development.  This vast experience has been in the pharmaceutical and bio pharmaceutical sector and Satish can provide comprehensive guidance to development programs.   

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Genevieve Latronico

(Formerly Hutchins-Booker)
Business Development Associate

Mrs. Genevieve Latronico is the Business Development Associate for Product Safety Labs. She has many years of experience in working with laboratory animals, as well as customer service. Mrs. Latronico reassures clients their samples have arrived and informs them of any problems or concerns. Mrs. Latronico also assists clients with any questions or concerns they may have during the duration of the study.

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