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Analytical Chemistry

Product Safety Labs (PSL) has been one of the leading laboratories for analytical chemistry testing services in the industry.  PSL has been providing analytical chemistry testing services to the agrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, dietary supplement, personal care, animal health, medical device, and household product industries for over 40 years.

At PSL we pride ourselves on using some of the most sophisticated instrumentation, such as the HPLC, GC, MS, and ICP.  We also have a highly experienced staff including several Ph. D. – level chemists.  PSL offers a wide variety of analytical test services to address all of your specific objectives.  The vast majority of PSL's analytical studies are conducted in full compliance with U.S. and international GLP standards for submission to EPA, FDA, OECD, and other regulatory bodies.  Non-GLP services are also available upon request.  

The majority of the studies conducted fall into the following categories:  

  • Characterization of Agrochemicals and Pesticides
  • Providing analytical support for GLP mammalian toxicology, including inhalation atmosphere analysis, method development, diet/dose analysis, homogeneity and stability
  • Bioanlaysis

PSL offers analytical chemistry testing services that can support your submission to regulatory agencies around the world including all of the product chemistry required for the registration of your agrochemical to the EPA.  Our highly trained analytical group can help with physical/chemical properties, analytical chemistry and stability testing. In addition, we have extensive expertise supporting 5-batch testing, having evaluated over 100 unique active ingredient chemicals over the past five years.  

Call Product Safety Labs today to speak with one of our experts about designing a study to target your specific regulatory needs.   

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