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Pesticide and Agrochemical

Product Safety Labs (PSL) offers product chemistry that supports your submission.  We can perform analysis on actives (Als), end-use products (EUPs) and generic actives.  Our studies meet all EPA and international GLP standards and are suitable for submission to EPA, Canadian PMRA, OECD, EU, and Japan.

We offer all of the analytical and physical properties testing needed for EU registration of biocides and agrochemicals. These would include all testing on "actives" and the different formulations, as well as storage stability.

We also offer extensive field trial and residue chemistry capabilities, with multiple sites located in various regions throughout the world.  Capabilities also include environmental fate and metabolism studies, including absorption/desorption (OECD 106), leaching studies (OECD 312), photolysis, soil metabolism (OECD 307) and sediment metabolism (OECD 308).

Let one of the experts at Product Safety Labs help you develop a study to meet your objectives.