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Residue Chemistry & Metabolism Services

Product Safety Labs (PSL) offers GLP compliant pesticide residue/metabolism analytical services to support the agrochemical industry’s regulatory needs.

Our services include:

Residue Analytical Study Support

  • Magnitude of Residues in field crops
    (RAC and processed matrices)
  • Terrestrial and aquatic dissipation
  • Groundwater monitoring/leaching
  • Storage stability
  • Operator exposure
  • Ecotox/Aquatic tox

Method development, optimization, and Independent Laboratory Validation (ILV) services are also available.

Metabolism/Environmental Fate Study Management

PSL provides total management of agrochemical metabolism/environmental fate studies using [14C] radio-labelled test materials.

Areas of focus include:

  • Plant metabolism
  • Confined rotational crops
  • Environmental fate
  • Mammalian metabolism

Field Testing Service

PSL provides complete residue and metabolism testing programs.

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