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As a leader in toxicology research and testing, Product Safety Labs (PSL) has provided over 40 years of services to the agrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, dietary supplement, personal care, animal health, medical device, and household product industries. We partner with our clients to provide data to support a variety of needs, including product discovery and development, pre-clinical safety evaluations, product registration, product stewardship, regulatory compliance and risk assessment. GLP analytical chemistry support (dose concentration determination, method development and validation, stability evaluation) is also available as needed.

Since 1972, PSL has developed an outstanding reputation for providing excellent service and superior value. Our scientific data is of the highest quality and our reports enjoy a distinguished acceptance record with the regulatory agencies, facilitating product registration and approval. We serve a broad range of clients from global Fortune 500 enterprises to small start-up companies, in the U.S. and abroad. PSL is AAALAC accredited, GLP compliant and USDA registered. Our record of FDA and EPA facility and data audits is outstanding.

PSL conducts toxicology studies in accordance with national and international regulatory guidelines and GLP standards (i.e., FDA, OECD, EPA-OCSPP, ICH, CPSC, EU, JMAFF). PSL also has a staff of experts with extensive experience designing customized studies to meet the specific needs of our clients. These include non-GLP screening studies which can be utilized to cost-effectively evaluate prototypes.

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