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Repeat-Dose Toxicology

Product Safety Labs offers competitively priced subchronic toxicity studies conducted by our team of experienced scientists and technical staff. Our studies comply with international regulatory test guidelines, including the US EPA, OECD and US FDA. Routes of administration include oral (gavage, dietary & capsule), dermal, inhalation and injection (IV, IP & subcutaneous). For more information on the repeat exposure inhalation studies, click on the inhalation toxicology tab to the left.  Full GLP analytical support, including dose concentration evaluation, method development and validation and stability is also available. Toxicokinetic (TK) analysis can also be included in your overall study design.

Included when appropriate are:

  • The reproductive toxicity and developmental screens that are part of the OECD 421 and 422 protocols.
  • Neurotoxicity assessments, including functional observation battery (FOB) and motor activity (MA)
  • Immunotoxicity
  • Carcinogenicity/Chronic Toxicity OECD 451-453

Protocols can be customized to each client's needs to provide studies more suitable to your regulatory goals and marketing strategy. PSL can also assist in manuscript review and preparation.

PSL's study data is captured and reported using Instem's Provantis® data collection system.

Call Product Safety Labs and ask one of our experts to help design a study to address your specific needs.