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Developmental & Reproductive Toxicology

PSL offers competitively priced developmental & reproductive toxicology (DART) studies conducted by our team of experienced scientists.  Whether you have a chemical, pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical products we can help evaluate the safety of your compounds.  PSL offers prenatal, postnatal and multigenerational studies conducted in accordance with current OECD, ICH, US EPA and US FDA guidelines. Studies may also be customized to meet your specific regulatory needs. Full GLP analytical support, including dose concentration evaluation, method development and validation and stability is also available.  

Study designs include but are not limited to the following guidelines:  

Developmental & Reproductive Toxicology Test
Prenatal Development Study 870.3700 414
Reproductive/Developmental Toxicity Screening Study 870.3550 421
Combined Repeated Dose Toxicity Study with a Reproductive/Developmental Screening Study 870.3650 422
One-Generation Reproductive Study - 415
Two-Generation Reproductive Study 870.3800  416


Study data is captured and reported using Instem's Provantis® data collection system.

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