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Endocrine Disruptor Testing

The effects of compounds that inhibit actions of naturally occurring hormones have become a central point of focus for the scientific community and an area of concern for the wider public. Endocrine Disruptor Compounds effects are also an EPA priority.

PSL can assist with the evaluation of your product's Endocrine Disruptor potential and help fulfill  necessary data submission for Tier 1 and Tier 2 requirements.  

Tier 1 Complete Battery of Services:

In Vitro

  • Estrogen receptor (ER) binding - rat uterine cytosol
  • Estrogen receptor (hERα) transcriptional activation - Human cell line (HeLa-9903)
  • Androgen receptor (AR) binding - rat prostate cytosol
  • Steroidogenesis - Human cell line (H295R)
  • Aromatase - Human recombinant microsomes

In Vivo

  • Uterotrophic (rat)
  • Hershberger (rat)
  • Pubertal female (rat)
  • Pubertal male (rat)
  • Amphibian metamorphosis (frog)
  • Fish short-term reproduction

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