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Acute Toxicology

PSL has extensive experience in GLP acute toxicology, including biocompatibility testing required for medical devices and the standard “six-pack” toxicology studies required by the EPA for registration and re-registration of pesticides. In fact, for each of the past five years, PSL has conducted more of these studies submitted to the U.S. EPA than any other laboratory in the industry.  In addition, our studies have also been successfully submitted to other regulatory authorities all over the world.  All studies are very competitively priced and are conducted with the highest levels of quality.  

PSL has developed specific expertise in inhalation toxicology, conducting 250-300 acute exposures per year on liquids, powders and vapors.

Links to the most commonly required test guidelines are provided below:

Acute Toxicology Test OCSPP Guidelines OECD Guidelines
Acute Oral Toxicity Up & Down Method 870.1100
Acute Dermal Toxicity 870.1200 402
Acute Inhalation Toxicity 870.1300 403
Primary Eye Irritation  870.2400 405
Primary Skin Irritation  870.2500 404
Local Lymph Node Assay 870.2600 429
Skin Sensitization, Buehler 870.2600 406
Skin Sensitization, Maximization 870.2600 406


PSL Study Directors are experts in the requirements of the various US and international agencies and can assist clients in selecting protocols and dosing levels.  In addition, PSL has an experienced Quality Assurance Unit inspecting critical phases of every one of our GLP compliant studies.

Routes of Exposure Procedures Available (partial list)
Inhalation Oral, Dermal, Inhalation and Systemic Toxicity
Oral Gavage Skin Sensitization
Dermal Penile and Vaginal Irritation
Intravenous Skin Corrosion
Intraperitoneal Ocular Corrosion
Subcutaneous Comedogenicity
Intradermal Implantation/Extraction Studies for Medical Devices