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Inhalation Toxicology

PSL offers many years of experience in inhalation toxicology.    Over the years we have conducted numerous study designs via nose-only and whole body exposure routes.  At our site, we have the capability to run studies up to 90-days in length.  For longer term studies, we have a strong partnership with another leading laboratory.  

Exposure Chambers 

  • Nose-only
    • Multiple flow-through chambers that are adaptable to specific study designs
  • Whole body
    • Multiple chambers ranging in size from 100 liters to 150 liters 

Material Preparation 

  • Capable of ball milling a substance in an inert atmosphere
  • Numerous sieves for processing
  • Various mills that each use a unique form of milling
  • Jet-mill that can grind a substance using particle collision 

Aerosol Generation Equipment 

  • Adaptable nebulizer setups that can be modified to your specific test substance
  • Collision nebulizer that is capable of delivering low chamber concentrations
  • Modified Wright Dust Feeder that is capable of delivering high concentrations of dusts
  • Wright Dust Feeder for delivery of powders as a dust
  • Jet-mill for grinding and delivery of dusts 

Aerosol Concentration Determination 

  • Gravimetric determination using a variety of filters and collection media (e.g., sorbent tubes)
  • Chemical analysis is performed by our Analytical Chemistry department in a GLP lab
    • A wide selection of instrumentation is available to accomodate formulations of every type
    • Collection devices ranging from simple filters and sorbent tubes to gas impingers with collection solvents to optimize measurements for your specific test substance
  • DustTrak™ is used for real-time monitoring of low concentration materials